An Introduction using RoToR Payoff Diagrams®

23 April 2018 @ 18:00
Hotel Tiffany
SAMT Members: Free - Others: CHF 25

Options are often misunderstood, misused and missed out in many trading and investing portfolios.This frequently boils done to a lack of understanding of the behaviour of options in relation to the underlying instrument, and the risks involved. The RoToR Payoff Diagram® was specifically designed to address these issues, developed by an educator to enable traders to understand the risks and rewards of options trading from a Technical Analysts perspective.
In this overview of the features of the Rotor Payoff Diagrams®, Paul looks at the issues relating to how options are usually taught and the concepts presented, this issues that raises, and how the Rotor Payoff Diagrams® addresses these issues. This is thought to be the first options trading tool that Technical Analysts can use directly on their charts, and is the subject of an international patent application.

If you have ever tried to learn options, or if you have ever tried to teach options, then this is for you! Paul will demonstrate to the audience that options are not the monster they are portrayed to be!
Be prepared for an interactive and informative session.