Gadget: Non-plastic straws are the new black

Non-plastic straws are the «in» gadget at the moment. Revenues of companies producing them are in fact soaring and more and more possibilities are being explored.

The importance of this is not only economical: plastic is invading oceans more and more, research shows its weight will outnumber that of fish by 2050. The European Union is therefore trying to reach a ban of single-use plastic products in member states by 2030.

Glasgow, Scotland, banned the use of plastic straws in municipal buildings, while in Seattle even restaurants now need to use biodegradable alternatives. Some chains already stopped using straws and adopted an alternative.

Biogradable versions include paper straws by companies such as Aardvark, that are rigid enough to last for a whole drink, while Lolistraws chose a seaweed based product that makes them edible, too, and Harvest Straws preferred a grain-based material.

Reusable straws include those in bamboo, glass or metal. Some companies even make molds to create ice straws simply at home.

In the effort to create a more sustainable life, some websites are offering plastic-free products.