McAfee likes to surprise the Crypto World

John McAfee, the creator of the famous antivirus software and the controversial figure in the world of crypto assets, has launched The website shows data on digital coins, starting with the biggest ones. It shows their market capitalization size, current market price, etc.

Apparently, he decided to compete with, which has been providing the same information for a long time already.

The website seems user-friendly and provides all the data in an easy-to-read format. Since this is only beta-mode so far, probably, there will be some bugs to be fixed later on.

McAfee’s new site also seems to work like a social networking platform. All users, traders or investors, here can register and add friends. It is vague so far, how McAfee plans to develop this part of the website. Still, it all can be remedied, since this is beta-mode.

The information on the website suggests that this platform is meant to be a database to do with everything regarding Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. These days there are already several websites giving data on tracking prices of various coins, so McAfee, apparently, decided to step in and make something more original and different, if he can.

According to the website, new coins and crypto indexes will be constantly added there. Also, they do plan to develop and boost the social network for all crypto fans and Blockchain enthusiasts.

Users of the site will also be able to make predictions regarding the quotes of coins, the website promises. Correct or wrong predictions will enable them to gain accuracy reputation and those who gain high ratings will get access to special features.

Perhaps, these are the reasons why McAfee believes that his new crypto site will be able to beat the traditional

Anyway, apart from the fact that this man keeps doing something to grab everyone’s attention, he seems indeed to be eager to write his name in the history of cryptocurrencies.