Startups: Black Women still lag behind in the US, report

California and New York lead in the number of startups led by black women among the American states. 50 per cent of all projects is born here.

This photography comes from ProjectDiane, a biennial demographic study that was recently released. Its 2018 report shows some positive sides, such as the number of black women leading these projects. They are up to more than 225, while they were 90 two years ago.

Many US States, not only Southern ones like Missouri, Kansas, Alabama and Arkansas, show a 0 on the interactive map. Washington, Maine, New Hampshire are part of them, reaching up to half the States in the US.

However, the average sum raised is only 42,000 dollars, while the average initial round for all startups is 1.14 million dollars.

The problem could be related to women in general, but of the 6791 startups that were funded by women in 2017, less than 4 per cent were led by black women, who make up 14 per cent of the US women’s population.

The study was founded, among others, by JP Morgan Chase &Co and carried on by digitalundivided.