Tech gadgets for 21st century mother’s day

Long gone are the days when drawings or poems could be gifted for mother’s day. Life today, however, calls for things which can make life easier, even for high-profile mums who have stressful days at work.

Smart homes are now a reality, with more and more gadgets to latch on every aspect of the day. Bond home, for example, connects to ceiling fans and makes them controllable with an app.

Gogogate 2, on the other hand, can make the garage door work just with the phone, with no need to find remote controls that get lost in purses.

Nest Hello deals with security as well. This doorbell camera also has facial recognition, and the video feed can be sent to any screen with only the help of Alexa or Google Assistant.

August Smart Lock Pro helps in this field, too, letting anyone know if the door is ajar and working with the main smart home devices.

Even lights are fully smart, nowadays. Philips offers a starter kit that is compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant.

For everyday tasks, Samsung Powerbot now has a new, smart series – or, just cook a sous-vide meal with the Anova precision cooker, complete with recipes