REPORTS: OpenFunds, Press Release Aug 2017

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OpenFunds, the leading independent, partner-owned, Swiss fund placement agent, has entered into a collaboration with Anarosa Asset Management to distribute Anarosa Funds (Lux) – Gate of India (‘Gate of India Fund’), a Luxembourg SICAV UCITS V investing in Indian equities.


OpenFunds Investment Services SA is pleased to serve as the placement agent for the Gate of India Fund managed by Anarosa Asset Management, a Liechtenstein AIFM and member of the Monterosa Group.


Macro Investment Case

By 2030, India is projected to have a population of one-and-a-half billion people, more than double the size of Europe. The attractive demographic structure with most people under the age of 35 combined with a strong education system and fluent English, are the building blocks for future growth. The potential demand for goods and services from a rising middle class is forecast to drive India to become the second largest economy in the world by 2040.The macroeconomic outlook for India is the best it has been in recent history. Domestic and external circumstances could not be more favourable, making India a bright spot in emerging markets.


The Monterosa Group – Long-term investor in India

Monterosa Group is a Swiss family-owned independent financial advisory group with a global foot-print. The company started its investment activities as one of the first foreign portfolio investors in India over 20 years ago. Back in 1995, the Monterosa Group started investing into the country when it was still considered a high-risk frontier market. Since then, India has emerged as a major world market and the Monterosa Group has participated in this journey by investing into hundreds of companies. Today, the company services a diversified portfolio of over USD 3 billion.


OpenFunds – A distributor of attractive and sustainable liquid investment solutions

OpenFunds Investment Services AG is an independent company established under Swiss law, licensed and supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (‘FINMA’) as legal representative and as distributor of foreign collective investment schemes for qualified investors. Read more at:

Siro Zanovello, CEO of OpenFunds, believes that the collaboration with the Monterosa Group helps OpenFunds to further expand its product offering in frontier and emerging markets. “Most of the products we distribute at OpenFunds are a little different than what an investor would typically see. We are always on the look-out for truly scalable liquid alternative solutions. With the Gate of India Fund, we believe we will be able to present to the investor community in Switzerland, a unique product that combines daily liquidity and high-risk management standards with an institutionalized bottom-up investment process.”

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