Trumping robotics is hard to do

President Trump argues that too many US workers have lost their jobs to foreign peers as companies have offshored manufacturing. US companies need to bring those jobs back and, in doing so, restore America’s industrial greatness. His diagnosis isn’t altogether wrong: fewer companies manufacture cars, for instance, in the US than was previously the case. But this thesis is too simplistic.

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Basf will axe jobs in Basel region

The German chemical group BASF will cut 180 jobs in the Basel region: the cut will occur within 2018 and will cover the area of research and development. The measure is part of a restructuring launched worldwide.

In the research center in Basel – with offices in Basel and Schweizerhalle-Rosental – BASF works with additives and pigments for plastics and lacquers, as well as new materials for organic electronics and 3D printing. Most of these activities will be halted or moved elsewhere in the group, it said in a statement. The Basel region will remain important, however, for other research and development activities, emphasizes the group. In addition to the 180 jobs eliminated there will be an additional 100 to be transferred to other business units in Switzerland.

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