UK: benefits of international students add £20 bn to economy

International students are worth about 10 times more to the UK economy than they cost the taxpayer, according to a new report that will add to pressure currently mounting on the country’s government for a shift in policy on the issue.

The analysis, which, unlike most similar studies in the past, looks at the cost of hosting overseas students as well as the benefits, calculates the bill at £2.3 billion, including use of the NHS and other public services.

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Money laundering: Britain to set up a national economic crime centre

Britain said on Monday it would create a new national economic crime center to crack down harder on money laundering by drug dealers and people traffickers who are expected to net 90 billion pounds ($120.3 billion) this year, home secretary Amber Rudd said. Rudd announced plans for a national economic crime centre that will sit within the National Crime Agency (NCA) and will be backed by greater intelligence and analytical capabilities.

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Brexit deadline for UK and Prime Minister May

The EU has declared there is still "no white smoke" over a Brexit deal and handed Theresa May a 72-hour deadline to make an acceptable offer. Michel Barnier has informed EU member states that Britain has just 48 hours to agree on a potential deal on the first phase of Brexit talks for talks to move onto trade and transition before 2018.

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