Asset Management

Swiss pension fund: younger will suffer for lower retirement benefits

A 25-year old in Switzerland today would be set for a corporate workplace pension five percentage points lower than that of a compatriot only a few years older, according to a study by Willis Towers Watson.

The consultancy’s Swiss arm regularly carries out a benchmarking study of the pension plans of companies making up the Swiss Leaders Index (SLI). This comprises the issuers of the 30 largest and most liquid securities in the Swiss equity market. Companies such as ABB, Julius Baer and Nestlé are currently in the index.

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Norway’s wealth fund decided to invest in people

After focusing on industries such as coal and weapons, Norway’s $1-trillion sovereign wealth fund is turning its attention to fashion.

Together with UNICEF, the world’s biggest wealth fund is setting up a network with some of the top fashion companies to improve children’s rights, whether they are exploited in the production of garments and shoes or impacted by the industry in other ways.

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The first marijuana ETF reallu US-based is coming just in time for Christmas

In 2012, Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana use. By 2020, it’s expected that marijuana will grow to a $21 billion a year industry.

ETF investors who have been clamoring for a good way to get in on the cannabis trend have largely been unserved. There’s the recently launched Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF (HMMJ) but that only trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange. That’s about to change as the ETFMG Alternative Agroscience ETF is scheduled to begin trading later in December.

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Swiss BVK pension fund opens to employers outside of Zurich

BVK, the CHF31.8bn (€27.8bn) pension fund for the canton of Zurich, has opened itself up to manage pension plans for employers across the rest of Switzerland. Taking on new schemes would benefit BVK’s risk profile and member structure, it said. It would only accept new joiners if this were in the collective interest of BVK’s existing members and affiliated employers.

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